Technical Support

Q: Where can I get info on how to maintain/repair my Diamondback?
A: There are several instructional books and manuals available on how to maintain/repair bicycles. These books and manuals can be found at better book stores and bike shops everywhere as well as online book retailers. There are also several websites that cover the subject.

Q: How can I tell if a specific new part will be compatible with my Diamondback?
A: There are many parts and accessories available for bicycles that can alter your bike so it better suits your specific needs. The best way to ensure your purchases will add to your enjoyment and/or safety is to consult your local Diamondback Dealer. 

Q: Can I get touch-up paint for my Diamondback?
A: Unfortunately, due to hazardous materials shipping restrictions and shelf life issues we cannot offer touch up paint. We recommend matching your bike color as closely as is possible with model paint from a hobby store.

Q: Can I still get the original decals for my Diamondback?
A: We’d like to be able to provide this kind of support, but decals become brittle and unusable after a relatively short time in storage so we are unable to provide them to you.

Q: I lost my owner’s manual – how can I get another one?
A: Owner’s manuals can easily be downloaded from the Owner’s manuals page. Simply click download manual.