Protect yourself from fraudulent websites!

How to safely buy Diamondback Bicycles

A guide to making sure you really get a diamondback

Fact: Fraudulent websites exist, and their only purpose is to steal your money.

Diamondback bikes are available exclusively through our website and authorized retailers. Beware of suspicious-looking websites claiming to offer Diamondback bikes at significantly below-market prices. If in doubt, please contact our customer care team to find out if an online retailer is authorized.

Here’s how to spot a fake:

1. The deal is too good to be true

We do have sales from time to time, but if a site is advertising prices well below what is on our website,, then it likely is a fraudulent site.

2. You can’t contact the seller

Be suspicious of websites that lack contact information. If you can’t reach the person selling an item, don’t buy it. Our customer care team is available during business hours via phone, chat, or email to help you select a bike, answer any questions, and verify if a seller is an authorized dealer.

3. You can’t pay by credit card

If a website tells you it only takes cash, check or wire transfer, it’s very likely fraudulent. Don’t buy anything from them.

If you’ve given money to what you believe is a fake website, your best option is to contact your bank or credit card company. Unfortunately, Diamondback cannot do anything for you if you’ve given money to someone not affiliated with our company. We do not match prices found on fraudulent websites.