Frequently Asked Questions

What size bike should I get?

For general information on finding the right size bike, look here. You can also click on the Size Guide tab on each product page to get size information specific to the model.

How do I find information on bike and accessory assembly or bike tuning?

Click links to find videos on assembly and tuning.

How do I create an account?

Creating a account is easy: just click on Log In to register anytime. You can also create an account when you place an order. From your mobile or tablet, click the three bars on the upper left of your screen, then select Log In / Create Account to create an account.

What are my delivery options when buying a bike and accessories?

We offer three options for delivery. Standard home delivery, pickup at a local participating bike shop, and Beeline Bikes mobile bicycle delivery service. Not all options are available for all zip codes and purchase types. Accessory-only purchases are only available for standard home delivery.

What is Standard Home Delivery?

Bikes ship from our warehouse within one business day on purchases before 3 pm EST. Arrival is usually 2-6 business days from purchase, based upon delivery method selected. Assemble yourself! Signature for delivery is required.

How does Pickup at Your Local Bike Shop work?

If a participating bike shop is available for your zip code and purchase type, bike shops will appear as a selection at checkout. The bike is shipped ground to the bike shop. Allow 4-7 business days after arrival for bike assembly. Some fees may apply for accessory installation.

What is Beeline Bikes? 

If Beeline is available for your zip code and purchase type, it will appear as an option at check-out. If you select Beeline, we will email you a link that allows you to schedule the delivery date for your bicycle. The earliest appointment date has a buffer built in that allows for the bike to be shipped and assembled by the technician. If you have any questions related to Beeline or scheduling, please call Beeline Support at (855) 582-4537. Some fees may apply for accessory installation.

Do you ship internationally?

Purchases through are not available for international shipping.

What does “Out of Stock” mean?

Out of Stock means that we no longer have inventory of that item. If there is an out-of-stock item you are interested in, please add it to your “wishlist” and we will alert you via email when it comes into stock.

What does “Coming Soon” mean?

Coming Soon is shown on products that are either coming back in stock within the next couple of months or they are new and stock is arriving soon. If there is a Coming Soon item you are interested in, please add it to your “wishlist” and we will alert you via email when it comes into stock.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Affirm for monthly payments.

How long will it take me to get my money back for a return?

Please expect 2-3 weeks.

How do I exchange an item?

We don't offer a true exchange option; however, we suggest you place a new order for the item you want and then follow the instructions above to return your original item(s).

My purchase is from a retail store; how do I return for a refund?

Our retail partner stores all have their own return policies and practices. Please return items to the retail partner store where you made your purchase.

How can I get a manual for my bike? Do you have a manual that is specific for my model? 

Bike manuals are not model-specific. You can download the most current manual here.

I am missing something from my Diamondback bike box. How do I get one? 

Send us a quick note here or connect with our customer service experts Live Chat. We will do our best to get you what you need!

Who do I connect with if I’m having technical issue with a product?

Connect with our customer service agents here or via Live Chat M-F 8am-5pm PST. Check out our technical support videos here.

What do I do if my product seems to be defective?

Click here to read our warranty statement. If your issue fits our warranty guidelines, fill out the warranty form and we will be back with you within two business days.

My bike did not come with a kickstand, why not?

The majority of bikes do not come with kickstands as some frame materials or styles may not be able to accept a kickstand. Please connect with us via Live Chat or leave a message via the Contact Us page and we will suggest a kickstand for your specific model. Your local bike shop may also be able to help out. If your bike comes with a kickstand, it will be listed under the Specs tab for your bike model as an accessory.

Where can I buy replacement parts for my bike? 

We only sell complete bikes and accessories, yet many replacement parts are not OEM-specific to Diamondback and can be directly purchased at a local bike shop; if you have questions about compatibility, connect with our customer service agents here or via Live Chat. 

Where is the serial number on my bike? 

The serial number is located on the underside of the frame where the pedals and crank arms attach. You most likely will need to flip your bike over. Look for a string of letters and numbers. The serial number is usually formatted like U161K0123456 or DAY16A123456.