Your ride, amplified.

Diamondback’s pedal assist eBikes will get you to where you’re going, faster. All the awesomeness of a Diamondback bike, but with some added power. Learn more about our electric bikes below.


Diamondback electric bikes integrate some of the most efficient, state-of-the art, mid-drive electric motor systems which include a drive unit, battery pack, display and user interface.

The motor sends power to the bikes own drive train which acts like your variable speed transmission.

You control the assist level and the motor only kicks in when you pedal.

This all happens in direct proportion to your pedaling input, using a series of sophisticated torque and speed sensors. This, in turn, delivers a natural ride feel that electrically amplifies your pedal stroke.


Diamondback electric bikes are equipped with the safest, highest quality, removable lithium-ion battery packs.

These are integrated into the bike’s down tube for optimal weight distribution and low center of gravity for superior handling.

These high-capacity battery packs contribute to how far you can ride. Higher watt hour (Wh) rated packs have more stored energy capacity and enable longer distance rides.


Diamondback electric bikes provide these control devices that enable you to see and control all the settings on your bike.

This allows you to dial-in your level of assist while showing you your speed, distance traveled, and the battery power you have remaining.

For complete control, these are right at your fingertips, so you never have to take your hands off of the grips.

Some models have even more sophisticated displays that link to your phone for turn-by-turn directions, fitness apps, music and more.


Get to your destination in record time aboard this Class 3 electric bike.

How far will my eBike go?

There are so many factors that determine your eBike’s range: the size of your battery, the level of motor assist you select, and how much weight you are carrying. Going uphill uses more battery than a flat trail.

To help you figure out the most accurate range estimate for your eBike, please try using Bosch’s range finder tool.

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