Rach McBride



Professional Triathlete and Gravel Racer (They/Them)


Rach has been racing full-time as a professional triathlete since 2011. They are a three-time 70.3 Champion and has numerous podium and course record results in Olympic and long distance triathlon, including 2 bronze medals at ITU Long Distance World Championships and an Ironman World Championship finish.

Known as the “purple tiger,” they are one of the strongest cyclists on the world circuit, consistently first off the bike and is a 2-time Ironman bike course record holder. Along with a soft spot for cats and tattoos, Rach is a board-certified Genetic Counsellor with two graduate degrees in genetics. They are an accomplished cellist and works in sexual health education, counselling and advocacy in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, where they live and train.

Rachel McBride - Diamondback Triathlete