Steep & nasty is your mission.

Working with team rider Eric Porter, we had one goal for the Mission Carbon: to push its descending capabilities to the limit.

With 160mm of rear travel, a 64-degree head angle, and a 180mm fork, the Mission Carbon is completely at home on steep descents, gaps, and step downs. Yet it’s still manageable on all-day rides when you’ve got to pedal to get to the goods. Using the well-loved Level Link system, the Mission Carbon’s suspension remains active under pedaling and braking, providing excellent traction in technical terrain and fast corners. The unidirectional carbon fiber frame can accommodate up to 2.6˝ tires.

For those who seek out the oh-shit moments and those who have the oh-shit moments sneak up on them, the new Mission Carbon is the tool of choice.

Mission handlebars
Mission rider going over a boulder
Mission rider getting some air over a trunk
Mission bike in motion downhill
Mission rider in motion through woods
Mission rider getting some air over a river
Mission bike in motion close up
Mission rider in motion down a mountain side
Mission rider on a trail