Kitchen Sink, Ride and Service Kit

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Kitchen Sink, Ride and Service Kit

Ready 2 Ride + Starter Bike Tool Kit
This bike tool kit has all the essentials to keep you rolling with the addition of the DDB200R floor pump: Floor pump w/dual head & easy read gauge, mini pump w/frame mount and convertible head, multi tool, patch kit & tire levers, multi tool and saddle bag.

Home Mechanic Bike Tool Kit
The 28-piece home mechanics bike tool kit is a great starter kit for any home bike mechanic. Includes: 2-8mm hex wrenches; 9/10mm open ended wrench; 6" adjustable wrench; headset wrench with 30/32mm and 36/40mm ends; two cone wrenches with 13/15mm and 14/16mm ends; chain whip; cassette lock ring remover; bottom bracket removal tool; crank bolt/pedal combo wrench; crank extractor; chain tool; universal spoke wrench; screwdriver with two sizes of standard and Phillips bits; universal pin wrench; three tire levers; and a patch kit. All of the tools are conveniently packaged in a compact take-along case.

Pump Mini pump w/nylon barrel & convertible head + nylon barrel floor pump w/gauge and dual head.
Bag 75ci bag w/light tab and reflective piping
Multi-tool 2,2.5,3,4,5,6,8mm allen wrenches, flat & phillips screwdrivers
Patch Kit Vulcanizing patch kit w/2 tire levers

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