The DreamRide series has taken our crew and audiences to some of the wildest environments on the planet. Shot on location in New Zealand, DreamRide 3 traces a treasure map of beautiful oddities, both breathtaking and forbidding. Like all good epic rides, the filming took us on a wild adventure that included moments in which we questioned it all. We got sunburnt and sand-blasted, saturated and snowed on… We dodged acid and toxic gases… Hell, we even outran a cyclone. And in the end, weathering all that adversity together made the satisfaction of accomplishing our goal that much sweeter.
  • The team:
  • Mike Hopkins: director, producer, athlete, and professional cat herder
  • Scott Secco: cinematographer and DreamRide veteran
  • Bruno Long: photographer and professional soul-snatcher
  • Andre Nutini: cinematographer and DreamRide first-timer
  • John Colthrope: behind-the-scenes cinematographer and New Zealand cultural advisor
  • Juicy Studios: production company and studio magicians