Simon Lawton

Simon Lawton

Name: Simon Lawton

Nickname: Cocoa Butter

Date of Birth: 9-10-68

Current Residence: Seattle, WA

Hometown: Durban, South Africa

Sponsors: Diamondback, Gravity, Clif Bar

Year’s Riding: 25 mountain biking, 40 total

Favorite Trail or Place to Ride: Anywhere with a good crew

Best Ride Ever: Had a couple of epics in the Andes in Chile

Favorite Trick: Staying Healthy - Also love high speed coaster wheelies

Injuries: Separated AC joints both sides, dislocated shoulder, broken hand, changed my neck curve 17 degrees (Nice concussion too)

Career Highlight: Silver and Bronze Medals at UCI Masters World Championships, 13th Place Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Urban DH, Chile

Hobbies: Chillin’ in the sun (thus the nickname), riding my moto, yoga, reading

Role Model: Nelson Mandela (can you say patience?)

Favorite Band: Can’t pick just one

Best “Get Pumped for Riding” Song: Anything with a good hard driving beat

Favorite Movie: Office Space

Favorite Drink: Margarita (goes well in the sun with some cocoa butter)

Favorite Food: Mexican (goes well in the sun with a Margarita and some cocoa butter)

Favorite Industry Individual: Nathan Riddle. Humble, professional…fast.

Most Valued Component on Your Bike: Brakes

Favorite Event: Any sunny vacation during a Seattle winter

Words of Wisdom: Trust yourself and believe in your dreams

Last Thoughts: If you are wondering if you should get out and ride today, the answer is yes.