Billy Lewis

Billy Lewis

Name: Billy Lewis

Nickname: Birry Rewis

Date of Birth: 5/1/85

Current Residence: Seattle, WA

Hometown: Kirkland WA

Sponsors: DB, Shimano, Pro-Tec, Gravity

Year’s Riding: Long time….

Favorite Trail or Place to Ride: 27 and Redmond Skatpark

Best Ride Ever: All the rides that end well

Favorite Trick: Invert

Injuries: Couple of small breaks, dislocated shoulder that lead to surgery, separated shoulder, blown bursa sac in my left elbow which made my arm swell to the size of my thigh, knocked out teeth, the normal stuff

Career Highlight: Wham Bam Thank You Jam and my first picture in a magazine

Hobbies: Working on bikes

Role Model: Kenny Powers

Favorite Band: Aesop Rock

Best “Get Pumped for Riding” Song: I don’t ride with music so really not picky but if I had to pick it would have to be something bad ass like REO Speed Wagon

Favorite Movie: Grandma’s boy

Favorite Drink: Beer

Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite Industry Individual: Jonny Diamond

Most Valued Component on Your Bike: Ummmm my forks

Favorite Event: Frew Farm Jam

Words of Wisdom: I do SPORTS. Not try to be the best at exercising.

Last Thoughts: I want my shoulder to get better! Go ride your bike.