FATE LOVES THE FEARLESS and pushing through fear requires the proper tool. For this we are proud to announce the all new Mission 27.5 launching exclusively at the 2014 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA.

On the KnuckleBox Migration

The KnuckleBox migration involves shifting the KnuckleBox linkage down and forward in the frame and allows for increased travel with the same low center of gravity and tight compact design. The system allows for increased travel, a larger wheel size and manages pedaling efficiency while delivering a connected trail experience over all surfaces and obstacles. The result is a capable All Mountain full suspension rig that is best in class at a reasonable price.
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Mission 27.5 Launch from the Sea Otter Classic

The 2014 Sea Otter Classic has finally passed and will go down in the books as an epic success for the Diamondback brand. Largely built around the launch of our new Mission 27.5” line and featuring the first major public appearance with Team Optum Pro Cycling, we are all very pleased with how it all went down. You can view daily highlights here:

Reviews & First Impressions of the new Mission 27.5 from the 2014 Sea Otter Classic

Mission launch and Airen 4 Carbon Bicycling Editors Choice Award

The Mission launch was not the only good news from the show. The Airen 4 Carbon also recieved the Editors Choice Award from Bicycling Magazine at the 2014 Sea Otter Classic.

The Backflip that stole the show

DB Rider Carson Storch decided to throw some flair into his DH run aboard the new Mission 27.5 showing just how versatile of a rider he is.