• MountainLux Sport 27.5

    Our women's-specific mountain bikes are designed from the ground up for you. Go play in the dirt!

    • Lux Series
      Lux Comp 27.5

      We ride mountain bikes for fun, adventure, and fitness. Our perfect day ends in satisfied exhaustion after an exhilarating trail ride. The Lux is built to tame any trail.

    • Calico Series
      Calico Sport

      Mountain bike meets commuter in the women’s Calico. Dual-sport tires on road bike wheels provide grip on all surfaces, so you can take stray off the beaten path when adventure beckons.

  • RoadAiren 5 Carbon Di2

    Our women's road bikes range from neighborhood cruisers to aggressive racers. Engineered to fit you, Diamondback has a bike for every rider.

    • Endurance Road
      Airen 4 Carbon

      Designed and built to fit you. The Airén series incorporates women’s-specific geometry that makes these bikes comfortable on even the longest rides.

    • Clarity Series
      Clarity Sti 8

      Unmatched fit and comfort. Great for everyday commuters or weekend pleasure riders, these bikes are sensible and elegant.

    • Alternative Road
      Haanjenn Comp

      Able to turn rough surfaces into smooth tarmac, our Hannjenns are true go-anywhere bikes. Combining our Endurance Geometry with women's-specific touchpoints, these gravel bikes are fantastic commuters as well.

  • CityVital 2

    The freedom of riding a bike is matched only by its health benefits. Our women's city bikes are dependable and comfortable, suited for hassle-free riding: just get on and pedal