Competition Road Bikes

Competition Bikes


Our carbon competition road bikes are built with the uncompromising road rider in mind. Light, quick, and aerodynamic, these bicycles are ridden by pros and local heroes alike.

Podium Series

The choice of Team Optum, our Podium series of road bikes represents the pinnacle of our research and technology. With handbuilt full carbon framesets, these are our most aerodynamic road bikes ever.

Triathlon Road Bikes

Triathlon Bikes


Triathlons and time trials are no place for compromise: leave nothing to chance. All we know about aerodynamics, frame construction, and ride quality went into the Serios road bike.

Serios Series

The fastest bike on the planet. Our Serios triathlon/time trial bike is the result of extensive wind tunnel and real world testing, making it a speed bike that turns and rides like no other.

Endurance Road Bikes

Endurance Bikes


These road bikes stay comfortable even on all-day rides. Enhanced Performance Geometry reduces fatigue without sacrificing liveliness.

Century Series

Road bikes that don’t punish you for staying out for those extra miles. A slightly taller head tube puts your body in a more comfortable, upright riding position without affecting performance.

Airén Series

Womens bikes designed and built to fit you. The Airen series incorporates women’s-specific geometry that makes these bikes comfortable on even the longest rides.

Alternative Road Bikes

Alternative Bikes


With slightly relaxed road geometry, an alternative road bike also makes for a great commuters.

Haanjenn Series

Able to turn rough surfaces into smooth tarmac, our Hannjenn road bikes are true go-anywhere machines. Combining our Endurance Geometry with women’s-specific touchpoints, these gravel bikes are fantastic commuters as well.

Haanjo Series

Designed for discovery, these road bikes shine on gravel and rough pavement. With knobby tires and wide bars, the Haanjo also makes for a great commuter.

Performance Road Bikes

Performance Bikes


These hybrid bikes combine the upright body position of mountain bikes with the efficiency and speed of road bikes. They’re flat-bar bicycles for commuting and longer path rides.

Insight Series

These road bikes are simple and clean. Made for bike path cruising, commuting, and just getting around town. With multiple gearing and component packages, there’s a model for every rider.

Clarity Series

Designed for you, resulting in unmatched fit and comfort. Great for everyday commuters or weekend pleasure riders, these womens bikes are sensible and elegant.

Youth Road Bikes

Kids Bikes


Real kids bikes designed for the pavement. Whether you’re just starting out with multi-speed bicycles or already entering junior races, our Youth Road series shines in an often-ignored category.

Podium Series

Our youth Podium kids bikes are real road bikes for younger riders. In three sizes, these bikes are built from the ground up to fit small riders. If your child has shown a love for pavement, this is the bike for them.

Alternative Road

Designed for the young adventurer, these kids bikes shine on gravel paths and rough pavement. Disc brakes and wide bars make this a capable bike for whatever you get into.

Performance Hybrid

With bigger wheels and more gears, these kids bikes are the next step for growing riders. Get ready for longer rides and bigger adventures.


Everyone remembers their first bike. Freedom, excitement, and fun. From BMX bikes to sidewalk cruisers, we have something for our newest and youngest riders.