Trial Mountain Bikes


Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes for all things dirt, balanced between speed and strength. They're at home on roots and rocks, as well as buffed-out trails.

Fat Series

The unique appearance of our El Oso fat bikes captures the imagination right off the bat, but don’t think they’re all looks: the amazing float and traction provided by these big-tired beasts opens up whole new realms of cycling fun.

Full Suspension

With a sensible amount of suspension both front and rear, these bikes smooth out trail features. Medium-travel translates to max speed and grip as they power through rough patches.

Sport Mountain Bikes


Mountain Bikes

Taking cues from our higher-performance models, these versatile mountain bikes benefit from our long history. Dependable bikes that are ready to take you to the trails.


You ride bikes for fitness and fun. Our recreational mountain bikes are stable and solid, making it easy to take your workout outdoors.

Downhill Mountain Bikes


Mountain Bikes

Built for those who are dedicated to descending. Downhill mountain bikes for riders who charge everything from bike parks to first descents.

Downhill Series

Mountain bikes built for those who are dedicated to descending. For riders who charge everything from bike parks to first descents.

All Mountain Bikes

All Mountain

Mountain Bikes

These backcountry adventure tools embody the spirit of mountain biking. These mountain bikes are capable climbers that relish downhill speed.


Low-slung and slack, the Masons are mountain bikes for today’s trail riders: modern 27.5" Plus classics that carry on that spirit of adventure and exploration that our sport was founded on.

Women's Mountain Bikes


Mountain Bikes

Our womens bikes for the mountains are designed from the ground up for you. Go play in the dirt!


Our perfect day ends in satisfied exhaustion after an exhilarating trail ride. The Lux mountain bike is built from the ground up to fit you.

Dual Sport

Mountain bike meets commuter in the women’s Calico. Dual-sport tires on road bike wheels provide grip on all surfaces, so you can take stray off the beaten path when adventure beckons.

Youth Mountain Bikes


Mountain Bikes

Smaller kids bikes for big fun. With multiple gears, suspension options, and larger wheels, our youth mountain bikes get younger riders ready for new challenges.

Kids 20

Mountain bikes for smaller kids. Built around an easy-to-manage 20” wheel, these kids bikes have multiple gears and are designed for neighborhood and trail use.

Kids 24

Kids bikes for or growing riders who are ready for the next step in their bike journey. With suspension forks and knobby tires, we offer 24” mountain bikes for beginners to young rippers.